'IMI-Bay': Scholarship Fund Auction at the Conference
  • Those of you who are old enough, and have a long enough memory, will know that the Turnbull Travel Award fund was built up largely from the proceeds of auctions at IMI's Annual Conference. They'll also remember how much fun those auctions were. Many people have benefited from that fund over the years, so we thought that it might be time to try it again at this year's conference.

    Last year, the Institute made a fixed amount of money available for Scholarships, which helped several of our student members with fees and books. Council have done the same this year, but the cost of being a student is going up dramatically next year. The 'IMI-bay' auction will take place at the conference at Theobalds Park, with all the money taken going to the Scholarship fund. Details are at: http://www.imi.org.uk/document/conference-auction, but what we need you to do is to look around for things you can donate - large or small - to be auctioned in either the 'silent' or 'live' auctions.

    Many thanks to DeVere venues, who have kicked off with a 3-couse dinner, bed and breakfast for two at the magnificent Theobalds Park. My contributions will be more modest - a pair of oven gloves I bought at the HeSCA conference last year, a game I bought at the Durham IMI Conference, some blank S-VHS video tapes, a couple of CD racks... what have you got lurking in your cupboards?
  • Jerry_NaylerJerry_Nayler August 2011
    I've started to put details of items for the 'silent' auction on the website. Please let me or Roger know if you're bringing something, or just send it to Roger. If you let me have photos I'll also add them to the website.
  • RogerHickinbothamRogerHickinbotham September 2011
    A big thank you to those of you who have donated a mixture of memorabilia, items of historical interest, books, examples of hobby skills and trinkets along with some very generous items. We would love to receive more items to enable us to raise as much money as possible for the IMI Scholarship Fund.
  • Jerry_NaylerJerry_Nayler September 2011
    So far, we have an eclectic mix of books, rare comics, photographic kit, pottery and, -my favourite - a hand-turned sycamore fruit bowl made especially for the auction. Many thanks to those who have contributed these items, but the number of donors is so far still quite small, so please keep looking for something you can donate.
  • RogerHickinbothamRogerHickinbotham September 2011
    Don’t be modest for the IMI Auction

    Once again, thank you to all those who have donated items to the IMI Scholarship Auction to be held on the Thursday evening of conference.

    We have received a wide range of items from old, but still useful photographic equipment such as enlarger lenses and more. We have received jewelry, books, computer equipment and materials, 2 nail manicure sets and many pieces of trinketry , the sort of things that are inexpensive and fun to own.

    However, no-one has submitted examples of their non professional work. A few years ago, at a previous auction, a well known head of a large department submitted two mounted prints of woodlands which auctioned for nearly £100 for the pair. I have had landscape prints bought at the HeSCA auction for $80 each. Please don’t be modest. IMI members must produce fabulous photographic works which other members would pay good money to own AND don’t forget the proceeds go to a very good cause. Please think about pictures you have taken recently, or not so recently, of which you are really proud and forgetting all modesty donate a copy to the IMI Scholarship Auction.
  • Jerry_NaylerJerry_Nayler September 2011
    Some new items added today - a brand new bicycle saddle and a saddle bag generously donated - see the conference auction website. Please have a good dig around and let Roger know what you can bring: just two weeks to go now.
  • Jerry_NaylerJerry_Nayler September 2011
    Some lovely things being donated now, including signed novels and poetry collections, photographs and artwork, a professional make up lesson/ makeover, photographic gear... Thank you to all the donors so far - and keep them coming!
  • Jerry_NaylerJerry_Nayler October 2011
    I am delighted to be able to announce that your generosity has resulted in our taking £1244.44 in the auction on Thursday night. All the money will be added to the IMI Scholarship Fund. In addition, Karl Storz have kindly pledged a £100 donation to the fund.

    Thank you to everyone involved.